Note on the Image


9. The Memorial of Admiral Yi Sun-shin


        “... I still own thirteen battleships.

       As I am alive, the enemies will never gain the Western Sea”.


     A bright light penetrates from the outside playing on the window that it has been carefully placed on the sill. It is distinguished by the lighting which falls on the Admiral and on the floor in dark, quiet interiors.

Almost entirely in the shadow of  his left side at the distance is a messenger soldier with full smile who is supposed to deliver the memorial of the victory to the king.

Using an actual light source of window, The light and dark areas well balanced

with no obscurity of the shaded areas. The door to the left creates a natural exit and leads the eye naturally out of the picture, while not detracting from the subject. 

The distant messenger and the bow’s pottery at the utmost foreground also provide the depth to the painting.

The different shapes of the elements are introduced for the interest and variety of the composition. The turtle ship which is one of Admiral's symbolic achievements is depicted in the circle at the front side of his desk.

The placement of the bronze jar at the right is crucial to the perspective.(CA15)

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