Note on the Image

8. The Filial Piety of Admiral Yi Sun-shin


     He wrote in his war diary that at one of his visiting of his mother he stayed over night grasping his mother’s hands.

As there is a dictum that the filial piety is the origin for all deed, we can learn from the Admiral that we are loyal to the country as if we are filial to our parent.

So to speak, there is no need to speak that his patriotism is based on his filial piety.


     The triangular composition of this painting lends tremendous monumentality by the gestures of affectionately and solicitously holding hands of mother and son with the coloristic power. Mother and son are inclined slightly forward in pose that signifies their caring each other.Their eloquent faces and hands are supremely expressive.

The lighted central area and the surrounding space enhances the visual effect of the picture.The dominating elements of the figures are embodied in intensive and precise coloring and the expressive surface texture.

-  this painting is a visual embodiment of filial piety

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