Note on the Image


6. Yi Sun-shin falling from his horse during the Military Examination                                                          



     Yi pledged loyal to the country as a military officer and applied to a military examination at the age of 28 years old.

During the Calvary test he fell from his horse to have broken his left leg but he tied his broken leg with the bark of a willow standing beside and stood up for the test.

It showed his indomitable spirit and his adaptation to circumstances.


    The strict vertical line of the solemn figure constitutes the compositional quality

while the strong diagonal movement fortifies the core of the event.

Each swelling vein and tightening sinew amplifies the psychological vibration of his diagonal monumental pose which acts a leading line through the painting.(CA25)

A perspective and a chiaroscuro are used to bring viewers close to the space and the action.

The placement of the tree trunk on the forefront left is crucial to the perspective.(CA15)

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