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Y30. Yi Sun-shin at a Moonlit Night in Hansan Island


   “At a moonlit night on Hansan Isle

    I sat alone in the watch tower

    with a great sword worn on my side

    I fall deep in thought with care

    A melody of a flute from a distance rends my heart ...”.


     This painting is the illustration of the war poem that Admiral Yi Sun-shin himself composed during the battle of Hansan island.

The sobriety of an unusual inner and spiritual strength emanating from the Admiral enhances his grave and monumental nature.

The meditative and brooding mood of his gesture is illustrated attentively in the compositional structure to conjure an enigmatic aura.

The story of Yi Sun-shin is depicted in an expressive and a laconical style that enhances his solitude and contemplative atmosphere of the scene.

The vertical single figure is tying to the sides through the parapet of the tower and the column of the center.

The pictorial unity of the single figure is achieved through the use of chiaroscuro - light and shade

and the gradation.