26.  Yi Myun is missing his father

Note on the Image

The Admiral Yi’s youngest son, Yi Myun was thinking of his father who was fighting

at the perilous battlefield.

The filial son was always worrying about his father’s safety. The head and the clenched right hands are both highly eloquent in what his state of mind was.

During wartime, even in his somber apparel, his face still wears the expression of noble dignity which came from his original noble family. There is no explosive contrasts in light and

shade. We can see a gentle diffusion of light mellowing the whole atmosphere with

slight condensing on the figure.

The main form is composed of triangles with the diagonal plan.

The vertical construction of the picture is well balanced by bisecting of horizontal with the base line of door threshold, the placement of the jar,.

The diagonal line of the bottom of the door points the depth of the picture.  

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