Note on the Image

  1. 17.The Obituary of Admiral’s Son, his youngest son, Yi Myun

The Admiral received the obituary of his son and wrote his mourning

in his diary.

“Before opening the envelope my bones and flesh shuddered and my head  become dizzy. Finally I opened the outer envelope and found a message of Yol(the Admiral’s second son). On the outside of the inner envelope were two characters “With Weeping”.  I at once understood the war death of Myon(the Admiral’s youngest son). -----  alive! Why this calamity! Out of order!   Heaven and earth become dark; the sun has lost its light. Ah sad! My son, where have you gone, leaving me behind?-----”

The sorrowful expression of his eyes and face is accentuated by the gesture of

his trembling right hand of holding the letter.

The gentle diffusion of the light mellows the entire scene condensing slightly the admiral’s sculptural face. The surrounding and distant ocean acts effectively as the balancing force.

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