Note on the Image



15. Admiral Yi Sun-shin Reading the Letter from His Son, Yi Myun


   “Father, you are on the perilous front fighting the enemies...

    As I spend days in comfort behind the lines,

    I cannot hide my guilt as a son...

    If I can understand and embrace that great love, I believe that I am always by your

    side no matter how far you are, father”.


     The triangular composition, its wide base being his son’s letter, lends a monumental aspect to the Admiral. The serene and untroubled setting with a gentle diffusion of light mellowing the whole interior condensing just slightly on the Admiral’s face and his right hand underlines the father’s inner, private world.

The eye  immediately falls on the focal point, the Admiral, moves round the entire picture before taking its natural exit through the window on the right.

The guard in the window where it could easily get lost, whose gaze turns us back to the subject saves the eye from the escaping out of the picture.(CA28)

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