Note on the Image

  1. 13.Yi Sun-shin Visiting the Pestilence Infirmary


    As many soldiers were suffering from rampant pestilence, the Admiral was visiting his sick and dying soldiers at the military infirmary.

In the midst of the dead and dying, the fearless Admiral touches and consoles his sick soldiers. His subordinate officer covers his nose against the stench of the place, but the Admiral is calm and unperturbed.


    The coherent arrangement of the figures in depth and in a convincing atmospheric space is accomplished the pictorial quality of the painting through the color chiaroscuro and a gamut of the broken colors of the background produces the illusion of the continuous space.

Although the eye travels across the line of figures and then to the opening background for the transition, where it easily get lost, the line is saved by the guards in the back door whose gaze turns us back to the subject.(CA28)

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