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1.    The Death of Yi Sun-shin

    During the last battle, Noryang Battle, sensing that his wound by the enemy’s bullet was fatal, the Admiral uttered this patriotic and immortal saying and died moments later. 


     “The battle is at its height .   Do not announce my death”.


       The grand concept is embodied in a powerful X-shaped composition with the depiction of the protagonists’ inner states of mind and their personal responses to the event. Each plays their sad parts.

You can hear a whole cluster of emotional tones  in the worrying reflections of light in their faces and gestures creating a spectacular and histrionic impact and even feel the sea wind at the sea battle scene. The harsh light plunges into the scene from single source revealing the materialities of the essentially Baroque composition. The relief

created by the thickness of the oil pigments strengthens the order of the composition and the richness of the painting quality with coloristic power.

This hero’s death is represented in the service of the country like a martyrdom.

The circular construction is established here through the use of Chiaroscuro and also

by the lines of the balancing elements with the eye prevented from escaping out of the picture. The application of the steelyard is obvious with the fulcrum of the pillar.

The distant activities act as balancing agents and provide the depth of picture and the perspective. 

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