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M9.    The U S Coast Guard Eagle passing the South Street Seaport, circa 1964

Some time ago I had a chance to meet US Coast Guard chief commender whom my very close friend introduced him to me and used to visit the Staten Island occasionally.

He also honorably gave me a eagle badge of US Coast Guard that I still keep it very preciously and whenever I attended any kind of party I always wear it on my jacket and boast it to people.

One day I saw a picture in which the US Coast Guard sailing ship was passing the South Street Seaport and I right way decided to paint it, but it took a lot time to complete with a lot of researches.

The clouds dropping shadows on the translucent water surface in the foreground enhance the subject in light, giving more illusion of movement and making a strong sky. To avoid the whiteness of new sails and the ship’s hull, discoloration appears in some parts. The people line up on the wharf for a close look of a breathtaking sight of the magnificent sailing ship.

Marion M is still there in my relief and visible in this painting.

The circular composition is obvious that you enter by the diagonal wharf in the foreground

into the picture and all the balancing components lead you round the entire picture.

The Majestic sailing ship, the Coast Guard Cutter EAGLE, was built in 1936 in Germany. The Barque Eagle is the largest tall ship flying the stars and stripes. The Eagle’s home port is New London, Conn.

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