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C2.   Balto the Sled Dog who saved Nome


There is a bronzed hero, near the Tisch Children's Zoo in Central Park, New York City, who stands ready to accept hugs and offer rides to his admiring fans.

The hero is Balto the sled dog who has nobly stood on a rock outcropping

since 1925. His statue, a big favorite in the Park, is located west of East Drive and 67th Street and north of the Zoo.

Back in 1925 Nome, Alaska was stricken with a horrific diphtheria outbreak.

Not enough antitoxin was available to treat all the sick until teams of mushers and sled dogs battled a blinding blizzard and traveled 674 miles to deliver the medicine.

Back in 1925, the hardy Siberian husky led more than 20 sled dog teams through cold snow and even colder temperatures, all to bring the medicine needed to fight a diphtheria epidemic. The teams made the 674-mile trip from Nenana to Nome in just 20 hours.

Balto became an instant hero and media darling, and New Yorkers were quick to show their support. The bronze sculpture, created by Frederick G.R. Roth, was dedicated that same year on December 17.