Artist Biography

Nam Soon Kim ASMA
347 West 57th Street, Apt# 11F
New York, NY 10019

She came to the United States of America as a student of the Grace Downs Air Career School at Glen Cove, New York in 1974. Before she came to America, she had been with the Korean Airlines for four years, while her major in university was pharmacology. After graduation from the Air Career School, she had her own business in New York and New Jersey. She was naturalized as an American citizen in 1982 and since then has lived in New York City.

With her early retirement, she decided to become a fine art artist after having studied as an art student with Fashion Institute of Technology, Parsons Fine Arts, and the Art Students League of New York.
She specialized in figure painting and portraiture in her early artist career. The composition of her paintings reflects the tradition of the great European masters and embodies the Baroque Classicism that is an eighteenth century trademark.

 One subject she chose to concentrate on was the ancient Korean tragic hero Admiral Yi Sun-shin, his contemplative inner life and his monumental episodes during his service in the Korean Navy.
Even though she felt that these historical stories, all over four hundred years old, didn’t look attractive and could even be objectionable to Western people, she accepted the risk and forged ahead because of the overwhelming inspiration and solemn profundity of Admiral Yi’s service.

Because of the tremendous research involved, the Admiral Yi project took her about nine years to complete.  During that period she visited the South Street Seaport of New York many times and inspired deeply.  She also traveled the coastal areas of Maine and other U.S. major harbors including Washington, Boston, New Orleans, San Francisco, Seattle, and others, kindling so many hopes and high dreams in this land of opportunity.

To capture historical accuracy as a American maritime artist, she has studied American history events deeply and  researched old harbors and sailing ships of America and Europe and other locations from the 1700’s.
Presently she concentrates on New York harbor history for commissioned marine paintings.

Her distinctive painting style embodies the sculptural thickness of painting texture, complex compositions, and subtle use of light, which are characteristics that are recognized by major competitions and art magazine.
Her high relief-like impasto enhances the more powerful depth and richness of her paintings with the effect of animation.